Why Should You Spay Your Cat?

Posted on: 10 August 2015


Whether you have a young kitten or an adult cat, it is important to find out if she is spayed or not. While as a pet owner, you can choose if you want to spay her, it is highly recommended that you do. Here are the reasons why.

To Prevent Bad Behavior Problems

If you can manage to get your cat spayed while she is still a kitten and before her first heat, you might be able to avoid some bad behavior problems. While cats have the urge to spray at different ages, it is strongest when they are babies. If you ring her in to the vet to get spayed early, you might notice that she has far less spraying issues. It can also help with other behavior problems, including aggression. While you should definitely spay your adult cat if it hasn't been done yet, waiting too long might not cure these behavior issues.

It Helps Keep Cats Out of Shelters

With approximately 3.4 million cats in U.S. shelters, it comes as no surprise that neutering and spaying cats is vital. Even if you believe it isn't an issue because you have an inside cat, there is no telling when she might accidentally get outside. One of your kids could leave a window or door open, or she could slip right past you when your arms are full of groceries. It is best to spay her so that if she gets out, there is not the risk of her getting pregnant. With about 1.4 million cats being euthanized each year from shelters, this is essential.

To Keep Her From Going Into Heat

Another reason to spay your cat at a young age if you adopt her as a kitten is to keep her from going into heat. Her behavior will change drastically during a heat cycle, which lasts several days. She will urinate more frequently, often all over the house. She will also yowl to get the attention of other male cats. In addition to this, she will be prone to wandering if she gets the opportunity to do so. During heat, she is more likely to get pregnant so the only real way to prevent that is by spaying her.

Spaying is a simple, routine procedure with very little side effects. Within a few days, your cat will feel much better and your household will all be happier.