The Secret Life Of Your Cat

Posted on: 2 June 2015


No matter how long you've lived with your cat, they can surprise you. Just when you think you've figured them out, you see your cat racing down the hall with your sock in its mouth. If your cat could talk, here are a few things they might tell you.

Purring is Not Just a Happy Sound

Some people consider purring just as a sign that their cat is happy. Your cat actually purrs for different reasons. They will purr when they are frustrated, scared, tired and angry as well as when they are happy. Veterinarians (like those at Berlin Township Animal Clinic) don't precisely know the mechanism that allows the purr to happen. Your cat shares this trait with several of its wild cousins including the bobcat, cheetah and puma.

Cats Can't Taste Sweet

Cats are the one mammal without taste buds for sweet, says Scientific American. They actually can taste foods that humans can't, such as a specific protein in meat. But sweets are lost on your cat. If they look interested in that candy bar you're eating, they are likely responding to the crackling of the paper wrapper.

They Hide Sickness Very Well

This is an instinct that your cat shares with its wild cousins. Showing signs of weakness and disease in the wild can be fatal if you are subject to other predators. While there are likely no predators in your house, your cat can't fight this instinct. When they are sick, they will rarely show signs of the illness. When they do, your cat is really sick. When they feel that bad, they may start hiding, preferring be secluded in a safe place than to be out in the open.

You Are the Reason Your Cat Talks

According to the ASCPA, cats only meow to communicate with humans. They reserve that particular sound when they want to tell you something, such as they are hungry or want to play. With the other cats in your household, they will howl, hiss and growl—but not meow.

Cats Are Colorblind

Your cat is red-green colorblind, meaning they can't tell the difference between red and green. So your can won't prefer the red cat color over the green one. What they lack in one area of sight they have gained in another. Cats only need about one-sixth the light that humans do, giving them excellent night vision.

Your Cat Needs Meat to Survive

Your cat's body doesn't produce an essential amino acid that they need to live. They must get the amino acid taurine from animal meat. Cat food manufacturers add taurine to their products to make sure your cat gets enough of this. A veterinary clinic can recommend the best high-protein foods for your cat. If you try to turn your cat into a vegetarian, they will not survive.

Finally, the reason your cat races down the hall with one of your socks is to add it to their nest. They enjoy having your scent around them. If you follow your cat and find the nest, you'll likely find all of your missing socks.