Exploring The Nutrition Needs Of A Younger Dog

Posted on: 28 September 2016


Young dogs are a fun addition to any household. They have a joy and a high energy level any toddler would be jealous of, but with this energy comes specific nutritional needs. It is essential to not feed a puppy the wrong food because incorrect amounts of necessary nutrients can lead to health problems and stunted growth. By feeding them the precise amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients puppies will be able to grow up to be healthy adults.

Fatty Acids

When it comes to growing, young dogs need a lot of fatty acids to help their bodies grow. If a dog has a dull coat, it is probably lacking fatty acids in their diet. Not only does the nutrient give pet's shiny fur, it also aids in a healthy immune to keep illness away. Fatty acids also keep flakes at bay and encourages a strong cell growth within the body's system. A puppy needs a large amount of fatty acids each day for ideal development. Fatty acids can be found in sunflower oils and fish and animal fats.


The word calcium brings to mind giant cups of milk and milk mustaches. Puppies shouldn't be fed any type of milk besides their mother's milk, but after they've been weaned, it is important to make sure they are getting the proper amount of calcium each day. The bones need this nutrient while they are forming to create strong body parts, the blood absorbs it so it can function and carry nutrients throughout the body, and the nerves draw on calcium so they can send those important messages to the body. Bone meal is the best source of calcium for puppies.


Protein is one of the important nutrients every animal needs to be getting enough of. It is often referred to one of the primary building blocks; without, it their body struggles to grow into a strong adult dog. It helps the bones form, blood flow well, organs to function at optimal levels, and much more. Canines who do not receive enough protein will suffer, lose weight, and begin to develop illness, and eventually organs can shut down. Pet owners will be wise to check the labels of their pet's food for things like eggs, beef, and soybean oil, as they are sources of protein.


It is a simple thing, but it can be easy to forget that water is an essential nutrient for everyone, including young dogs. Growing a strong, healthy body is thirsty work. Water refreshes the dog and supports a well-functioning immune system, strong bones and much more.

Fortunately, helping your pup grow big and strong isn't too challenging with this information in mind. For more information, contact Northside Emergency Pet Clinic or a similar location.